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ETL Advisors is a US based consulting firm specializing in custom development solutions for the Talend suite of products. Our highly specialized team consists of expert Talend developers with over 10 years experience building custom Data Integration, Big Data, MDM, ESB & Data Quality solutions for the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Copyright
  • Legal
  • Sales
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government

and much more….

Our core expertise lies in:

Talend Data Integration:

  • 10+ years direct development experience in both Talend Enterprise and Open Studio
  • Certified Talend developers
  • Extensive experience developing and deploying custom Talend solutions for a variety of industries
  • Complex dynamic schema implementations
  • Resuable job design for increased modularity
  • Custom java development within Talend framework
  • Webservice integration (SOAP, REST)
  • Webscraping within Talend Framework
  • Talend Administration Center Server Installation and Maintenance
  • Best Practices and Training

Talend MDM:

  • MDM Schema Design
  • Trigger / Event development
  • Data integration in and out of MDM server
  • Complex data quality rules

Talend ESB:

  • RESTFul API development and deployment
  • Custom messaging routes
  • Implementation and management of Talend Runtime application

Talend BigData:

  • Large scale Hadoop and Apache Spark integration
  • Custom Native Map Reduce Java code
  • Dynamic schema loading of flat data into HDFS
  • Native Map Reduce job development and deployment
  • Complex Pig Transformations
  • Massive scalability of process large data sets using Talend over the Hadoop infrastructure
  • Dynamic hive integration and management
  • Custom MongoDB integration

Talend Data Quality:

  • Talend Data Quality portal installation and management
  • Implementation of custom data validation process
  • Development of complex data cleansing processes
  • Complex de-duplication of data


  • Custom Java Routines for data cleansing
  • Integration with third party libraries
  • Custom Talend component development


  • 5+ years direct development experience in large scale AWS Redshift datawarehouses
  • Implementation of data integration pipelines processing petabytes of data per day into Redshift leveraging Talend


  • 7+ years direct development experience in enterprise grade MySQL database development Architecture and Maintenance of large scale systems (100M records+)
  • Complex Datawarehouse architecture
  • Store Procedures, Cursors and Event Driven Automation


  • Talend Data Integration Certified Developers
  • Oracle Certified MySQL Developers
  • Certified Scrum Product Owners

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About Us

ETL Advisors is a leading data integration consulting firm, specializing in Talend Enterprise Platform and Talend Open Studio development. Our expert consultants have over 10 years direct Talend development experience in Talend Data Integration, Data Quality, MDM, ESB & Big Data products.

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