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Iterate To Load Multiple Excel Files

Iterate To Load Multiple Excel Files

| Matt Irvin

This post is an extension of our previous post – Import an Excel file into Access . Today we are going to show you how to build on this job in order to iterate upon a group of excel files in a specified file directory, enabling you to automate the bulk loading of multiple excel files into a MS Access database table.

If you haven’t yet read the previous tutorial please read it here before proceeding.

Step 1: Set up the File Directory for Iteration

If you recall, the job we just built should look like this:

image 1

This job is great but it is only set up to process a specific Excel file which we designate. Our next step is to extend this job so that it will process multiple excel files of the same format from a specified directory.

Select the component tFileList from the Palette and drag it into the job design window

Click on the tFileList component and then click on the “Component” tab near the bottom center of the screen

Under “Directory” , select the directory that contains the excel files by clicking on the “…” button.

image 2

Step 2: Connect tFileList

Right click on the tFileList component, select Run -> Iterate

Connect this “Iterate” link to the tFileInputExcel component

image 3

Step 3: Edit the tExcelInput field

Select the tFileInputExcel component and then navigate to the Component tab near the bottom middle of the screen

Change the Property type from “Repository” to “Built In”

Under “File name / Stream” delete the filepath string

Type in tfilelist then press cntrl + space


image 4

Step 4: Run the job

Congratulations! You are now ready to run your job.

Make sure you have multiple excel files in your directory

Select the “Run” tab near the bottom middle of the screen and click the “Run” button

Now you will see all your files are processed one by one and loaded into the Access database

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