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In this job, the tMemorizeRows component will be demonstrated so you can use it in your own applications. In this context, we will use it to check individual rows against each other, specifically to check start and end dates of items. The output will be an indicator of any information that may be in error.

Information Aggregation

| Matt Irvin

In some jobs, using a tMap to extract just two columns of data isn’t worth the mapping. Especially if there are operations you need to perform on the data. The tAggregateRow component can easily solve this problem, with a wide array of functions to quickly give you the information you need.

Job Flows And Connections

| Matt Irvin

This tutorial is all about how to make sure your information is taking the proper paths in your jobs. In it, we’ll cover a bit of how tMap outputs work, as well as some of the component triggers that can happen in a job.

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